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It’s So Fluffy!

So it’s finally started to get warmer but with this lovely change of weather comes a little bit of a fluff problem. Kira is moulting…a lot. I mean we normally vacuum the carpets once, twice a week but we are currently vacuuming daily…if not twice daily it’s ridiculous. With one brush we are taking out a small mountain of fur. […]

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Dogs are for life

My sister recently got a puppy and Kira and I have spent a couple of days puppy sitting as we’re on Easter holidays. Lots of people love puppies. They’re so cute and fluffy and ill-proportioned, all ears and legs. And they pull at the heart strings. But I’m going to be honest I do not miss the puppy puppy stage. […]

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Holidays with Dog

Since getting Kira 9 months ago we’ve taken her “on holiday” three times; once just us and twice with my partners family. Now pre-Kira this was a common occurrence and I can’t imagine that will change hence already having been away twice and with one already in the planning. But taking a dog away with you changes things; what you […]

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3 Steps Forward 2 Steps Back

We try to take Kira training every week when possible but for the last couple of weeks we haven’t been able to attend our normal Sunday class as we’ve been away. Hello Easter holidays! Today I could take her to the Monday session to try and make up for this. On a Sunday we attend the puppy class – have […]

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Mud Mud Glorious Mud!

As I imagine many of you with dogs will be very aware of is that around this time of year lots of our walks are muddy! Some are a lot worse then others. Now I don’t know about you but I tend to see this mud with an ever worsening sense of dread. Kira however, loves it! As was shown […]

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Girl’s Best Friend

So I had a really bad end to my day at work today and it’s days like this that I’m even more thankful for Kira. People say that having a dog raises your mood and is good for your wellbeing and it definitely true. Have you ever tried to stay down while a 10 month old puppy is sat in […]

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My First Hike

This weekend we took Kira on her first hike…and ours. I haven’t been to Wales much so decided we’d visit the Brecon Beacons. Honestly, I didn’t look at what walks were in the area or anything sensible like that, simply found somewhere I’d like to stay and then looked for where we could walk afterwards. Probably not the best plan […]

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