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To Spay or Not to Spay?

When we first got Kira back in July we really weren’t sure if we would get her spayed. I mean she was so sweet and cute and fluffy who wouldn’t want to fill the world with more of her? However, we did know that realisically we only had a very small window in which it would be viable for us […]

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Down among the bluebells

I love this time of year. The trees are blossoming, the weather is (in theory) get warmer, our walks are (again in theory) getting less muddy and best of all the flowers are coming out. One of my favourite things to go and see are the bluebells. And this year I finally have a dog to go and walk through […]

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Happy Birthday Kira!

Kira turned 1 today! I can’t believe how grown up she’s got since we met her for the first time in June! Kira has grown up to be a beautiful german shepherd and we couldn’t love her more! So for her birthday we decided to treat her! For breakfast she got some of her favourite frozen treats – True Instrint […]

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7 days of happiness

Recently I’ve been reading lots of blogs about focusing on your happiness rather than focusing on the negatives and also lots on why dogs make life better (Some things don’t changed) and (Best Therapist) It made me thinking about if I could identify 1 thing each day this week about Kira that made my life a little brighter. Monday: watching […]

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Sit, Stay…No stay!

Kira’s life on social media started with her dogstagram account @kira_gsd_superpup. Personally, I think she’s beautiful and who wouldn’t want to look at pictures of her all the time! But I was aware that perhaps not everyone felt the same way, so to save my friendships on facebook so I started her dogstagram. However, I am not a photographer and […]

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Work vs Dog Care

So over the holidays we were informed by our current dog walker that she would no longer be able to keep seeing Kira as she was making her area smaller due to an increase in customer and visiting Kira was no longer viable. We were devastated. Our current dog walker (Tania – Chiltern Walkies) is superb. She loves Kira, and […]

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It’s So Fluffy!

So it’s finally started to get warmer but with this lovely change of weather comes a little bit of a fluff problem. Kira is moulting…a lot. I mean we normally vacuum the carpets once, twice a week but we are currently vacuuming daily…if not twice daily it’s ridiculous. With one brush we are taking out a small mountain of fur. […]

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Dogs are for life

My sister recently got a puppy and Kira and I have spent a couple of days puppy sitting as we’re on Easter holidays. Lots of people love puppies. They’re so cute and fluffy and ill-proportioned, all ears and legs. And they pull at the heart strings. But I’m going to be honest I do not miss the puppy puppy stage. […]

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