Blogging – The When and How?

“I read a blog recently about how long your blog should be and it got me thinking. Particularly the part on Frequency.” That’s something I saved as a draft over a month ago. In fact I haven’t blogged for the whole of August. I got engaged, I started planning our wedding and I just didn’t have something I wanted to blog about or the inclination to come to sit down and blog.

I remember reading the blog “how long your blog should be” and thinking that it made blogging sound like hard work, like it’s a chore. Maybe blogging should have a rhythm to it but for me that didn’t feel like why I started blogging. I started blogging because I felt like I had something to share. Maybe it’s really selfish and I wont get loads of readers but surely the point of doing this is to do it because you enjoy it, because you want to share something.

If the only reason people are blogging is to count the number of views, likes, shares etc is that the right reason to be doing it? If you feel like you have to blog not because you want to or because you have is it good for you? When life is so full of pressures and stress shouldn’t blogging me something you enjoy, that helps you de-stress, that helps you share something you enjoy or are passionate about. Maybe that’s wrong but that’s why I blog, so maybe I wont blog every day or every week but when I do it’ll be about something I enjoy or care about or that I think I need/want to share.

Why do you blog? What makes you want to sit down in your busy life and devote your time to write something in the hopes that someone else will read it?

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