Rocky Valley, Cornwall

We found this walk by accident. We were try to find somewhere to park to get to St Nectan’s Glen and saw lots of people parked in a layby on the way road to Tintagel and thought we had found a good place to start. Unfortunately we were mistaken but fortunately what we had found was a really lovely walk and well worth doing.

The layby was just by point 1 and easily spotted. You have to walk down someone drive and follow a path along a stream at the edge of their garden at begin with but it isn’t long before your in a little wood just past point 2.

The path isn’t massively wide but it was easy enjoy to follow and as it was near the stream sections of it were unexpectedly muddy, especially with all this dry weather we’ve been having. Eventually you reach a little ruined mill which is worth having a look at as on the rock face there are some carving which are believed to have been done in the Bronze Age.

Rocky Valley

fbtWe then went over the bridge while Kira had a little play in the water. With all this hot weather she has really become a lover of rivers!

As we followed the path we reached another bridge which would take you up to the campsite or you could carry on along the path. We decided to do this.

The path continues to follow the stream steadily getting higher. Again you reach another little path which follows down to the rocky edge.


It worth following the path down to get a good view of the mini waterfall but also worth continuing up to the top as the views from up there were superb, as they tend to be in this part of the country.


What walks have you accidentally found?

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