Bedruthen Steps, Cornwall

We recently took a holiday with Kira down to Cornwall. My favourite part of our holiday was our trip to Bedruthen Steps. This is a national trust site which has some beautiful views.


At the car park is a lovely little cafe where you can get drinks, cream teas, ice creams etc which was a good way to start our visit as we had been walking around different places all day. After that it’s well sign posted and we walked along the path to the steps. At the top of the steps it gave you tide times and as it said high tide wasn’t for another 5 hrs we headed down.

The steps were quite steep and slippy with the sand on it  but manageable even with with my slight fear of heights. When we got down to the beach lots of people were having a play in the water, dogs were running around enjoying themselves and a variety of people had written or were writing messages in the sand to look at from the top of the cliffs.

While passing people on the way down we have been warned that the tide came in quickly so we made sure to check where the water was before having a wander around with Kira and a play in the water.


The tide really does come in quickly so we headed back up the cliff to walk along and enjoy the views. We were amazingly lucky with the weather, it was beautiful that day as it has been recently so the sky was gorgeous and the sea look amazing. I really couldn’t recommend going here enough.

We only walked as far as point 4 on the map as well as wondering down on the beach.


Though I might be a little biased as on the other side of the beach at the top of the cliffs, somebody very important to me popped a rather important question.

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