Pet Waste Wormery – Update no.2

As some of you will know on the 24th May we decided to get a pet waste wormery. And it was really slow start after about 3 weeks we’d put in our first poo and not much appeared to be happening. We are now nearly 4 weeks later so a month and a half in and we appear to be making progress. We can confirm that our worms are active and completing their duties successfully…if at a slightly slower pace than is actually helpful. At the moment the worms seem to be coping with about 2 or 3 poos being put in a week which has increased dramatically in the past 2 weeks. It was almost like they suddenly realised what was going on and got to work.

We are happy to confirm that even with several poos inside there isn’t a pooy smell even when you open it, though it definitely smells composty.

Our only issue is, this morning, Kira decided the best place to dig was right next to it! Pesky dog!


She’s so proud of herself!

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