Pet Cooling Mat

It’s been pretty hot these past few weeks and it’s set to continue. As part of our efforts to keep Kira cool we decided to invest in a ‘Pet Cooling Mat‘.


We did this because we’d heard that Pet Cooling Mats were pretty good…if your dog likes them. Now on opening the box Kira ran off like it was going to attack her and it took a good hour or two to convince her to even come close to it. But some treats and a game of ‘Pass the Ball’ eventually built her confidence and she went on it. Success!


However, we’d been warned they could be slippy so we moved it to a more out of the way location but still somewhere she likes to sleep. Nope, she no long sleeps there and much prefers to sleep on the carpet. So today, I came home and decided if she wasn’t going to use it, I would.btr

Dogs can be so contrary sometimes and I wonder if occasionally we over worry about them. She’s my baby though so I think I’ll probably keep spoiling her…and she’s probably keep doing whatever she wants too.

On a review note regarding the cooling mat, I’m not 100% convinced it’s that effective but having never used one before I don’t know how cool it should be. Yes it’s cool to the touch but it doesn’t seem to get any cooler when you put sustained pressure on it…which is what I believed it was meant to do. Give us your thoughts on cooling mats and whether your pampered pooch appreciates them.

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