Hot Dog!

The last couple of weeks the weather has been gorgeous! And it looks set to continue!


Sadly, this means that my facebook has been filled with sad stories of people leaving dogs in hot cars, walking them on hot pavements and over exercising them to the point of heat exhaustion. Today, we changed our plans because of how quickly it got hot so that Kira stayed nice and cool but I thought it was worth see what tips are out there for keeping your dog cool!

  1. Exercise during the cooler parts of the day: I’m sure you know/have heard to stay out of the sun between 11 am and 3 pm and a similar rule applies for dogs. If you wouldn’t run around in a coat in it, don’t make your dog. Try walking earlier in the morning or later in the evening, when the weather has cooled down.
  2. Make sure there is plenty of shade: Whether you leave the back door open so they can enter and exit as they please or put up a parasol in the garden just for them. Dogs, like people, need shade. If there isn’t any shade make some or keep them inside.
  3. Avoid hot pavements: If it feels hot to the hand or your bare feet and you wouldn’t walk on it, don’t force your dog too. Though dog paws are pretty tough they can easily burn if forced to walk on the pavement.
  4. Cool them off with water: Turn on the hose, keep their water bowl topped up, have paddling pool to play in. All of these are great way to help your dog cool down and if they’re anything like Kira they’ll love it!
  5. Try going for a swim instead of a walk: This wont work for all dogs as not every dog likes going swimming but if your dog does it’s a perfect alternative to a walk on a hot day. Not only is it great exercise for them but it’ll keep them cool too.
  6. Make some frozen treats: If your dog is anything like Kira an ice cube is enough, or in our case Ice Ball! But you can easily make it more interesting by adding treats or peas or some stock to the water before freezing. Or you could feed them frozen raw food nuggets.


How do you keep you pooch cool in the sunshine?

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