When the cat’s away, the mice will play

So I don’t know about you but we definitely have house rules for Kira.

  • She must sit before eating
  • No feeding her from the table or sofa
  • No going upstairs
  • No going on the sofa
  • She has to sit and wait before going through a door or gate

Now I thought we had these pretty much cracked to be honest (to be fair, we have more trouble getting her to eat food than waiting to eat it). But apparently, Kira has a little mind of her own when it comes to 2 or 3 of the rules. If she can get through the door or gate first she’s off but we’re working on that…like we’re working on heel, same with the food from the sofa or table, if it’s nose height she’s definitely giving it a sniff, luckily she’s yet to steal anything.

However, the no upstairs rule has always been in place but last Christmas we were at my parents. They own a B&B in Lynton and when they were closed a Christmas and everyone was upstairs the dogs were allowed up. So after much encouragement we managed to get Kira to happily go up and down the stairs…unfortunately, Kira now thinks that going upstairs is fine. So now when I go upstairs and she tries to follow a swift “stay” has to be given to save me from having a follower.

This isn’t always successful to be honest. The other day I was having a shower when I was convinced I could hear Kira whining. On leaving the shower I found a rather pathetic looking doggy outside my door. Now my partner was downstairs watching the TV (probably the football) so really I’m blaming him not the dog for that one.

However, we never let Kira on the sofa until she was unwell and looking rather sorry for herself back in February. Then Al and I, let her up for a cuddling as we felt like she needed it.20180303_142615

Once she was feeling better however, we started to notice that she was going on the sofa when we’d gone to bed or out to work. We have a camera recording at night and when we go to work to check on her.kira-cam_2018-06-21_03-13-18

So we started putting things on the sofa, just cushions or the laptop etc, and it seemed to stop her. Until today. Well maybe it’s been going on longer but I know for sure she was on there today and last night.kira-cam_2018-06-21_11-27-411

Things like this remind me that Kira is still really young, she’s still learning and like a child or teenager she’s testing the rules. Training isn’t something that is quick, you do it once and it’s sorted. We have to keep working at it and we have to stay consistent.

When I was about to write this blog I read this articles ‘Should Dogs Be Allowed on Furniture‘, and I have to agree with him; it’s all about personal preference and the dog you have.

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