Doggy Backpack – A hiking essential

I don’t know about you but the longer I have my dog the more doggy paraphernalia we collected. I started with the usual things; collar, lead, water bowls, bed and of course the doggy treat back for training. Then as Kira got older and bigger when we went on walks we started needed both leads – long and short. Short for walking along roads etc when she had to heel. Long for when we went through fields with sheep etc. But then the summer hit and we needed water bottles, bowls etc. I’d been thinking about getting a doggy backpack since I realised they were a thing and we decided to get one. Unfortunately German Shepherds don’t seem to fit the ‘one size fits all’ shape rule so the first one we tried didn’t fit. Eventually we decide we had to splash out on a ‘Ruffwear Commuter Pack‘. dav

Obviously, we know needed a walk to try it out on. So that’s what we did this weekend. I found a walk I fancied doing locally – apparently it would take 5 hours so we would need plenty of stuff, not just for Kira but for us too. So we packed up.




Into the pack went a 75cl bottle of water, a box of dog food, a box of dog treats, the long lead, a water bowl and a tripe stick for treats. We had to weigh it out so that we could balance the bags out evenly but all in all we think we did well. We had about 1000 grams in both sides.







Kira wasn’t so sure about having it put on but once it was fastened and we started out walk it was as if nothing had happened.


We’re used to people telling us how pretty Kira is but I wasn’t expecting so many people to comment on the dog pack. Honestly, it was a great investment and I can’t wait to go for another pupventure and use it again. It’ll be particularly useful on those hotter days when we can carry enough water for her to cool her down and give her a drink.

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