It’s a slow wriggle – Dog Poo Wormery Update

So 3 weeks ago I invested in a dog poo wormery. We did this for a number of reasons; mainly smelly bins and trying to be more eco concious. And I thought some of you might be interested in an update.

  1. The great escape: The worms escaped. This was something I had read would probably happen but it’s weird to go outside in the middle of a thunder storm and see worms crawling out of the lid. They also climb into the lid and down into the sump (where the liquid collects). Dont worry I didn’t loose them all!
  2. Location, location, location: When we bought the wormery the plan was always to tuck it up behind the cobtree. However, I think they’re interesting and I was very excited so I kept them on the patio below the kitchen window. Bad choice! What I didn’t think about was the fact that my patio (and hence the worms) gets full sunshine from about midday till early evening. I kept opening up the wormery and finding it full of condensation before I realised my grave mistake and moved them. I fear I lost a great number of worms from this but fortunately I still have some.dav
  3. It’s slow going: When you get the worms you’re told you have to feed them a handful of food for the first week, repeat for the second week and then you can add your first poo! So last week we added our first poo…nothing seems to have happened other than it turning white. It does say that get the wormery up to speed would take time but I was sort of expecting (hoping) that something would happen.
  4. Fresh as a daisy: At the moment there isn’t any smell, now this could be because it only has 2 in it but I’ll let you know.

So really at the moment what I have is a box of an unknown number of worms that I tried to kill that doesn’t seem to do much but I’m hopeful that soon I will have something positive to report. Apparently it could takes between 2 – 5 years to get the wormery up to capacity!


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