When life gives you lemons…

I’m regularly amazed by how unfazed by anything dogs can be. A fortnight ago Kira had surgery and yet within 48 hours she was back to her normal self, desperate to go for a walk, play ball etc. Not that she was allowed but if she had been allowed she would of.

Yesterday on our walk down by the Wendover arms canal Kira had a bit of an accident. It’s been hot and she was desperate for a drink so I found a little bit that she could go down to the water and have a drink. The edge of the water has this little cage of rocks along it just under the water. Now normally when Kira goes for a drink she either stays on the edge of splashes around in the middle. Problem was she didn’t realise that the ledge she was standing on was only half a meter wide. So she was in for a bit of a shock when she tried to go paddling in the middle.

The thing is if that was you or me. We’d have spluttered and gasped and climbed out and maybe laughed about it or got a bit grumpy because now we’re all wet and when you get back in the car it’ll get all wet etc.

Kira isn’t you or me. Kira is a dog and dogs don’t worry about wet clothes or getthing the car wet. What Kira did was realise that actually it was quite refreshing, and so she decided it was the perfect time for a swim.

I want to be more like this. I want to approach life more like this. We should all approach life like we’ve fallen into a canal and used it as a good excuse for a swim.

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade!

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