Photo Challenge – All Time Favourite

I only started blogging 3 months ago and I didn’t find The Daily Blogs photo challenges straight away nor have I taken part in very many but I am sadden by the new that this weeks Photo Challenge is the final one.

Sometimes, it was really easy to find photos to go with the challenges. Often I tried hard but couldn’t find anything I wanted in the hundreds of photos I’ve taken or couldn’t take a photo I liked enough to fit it so this is only my fourth entry.

This weeks photo challenge is you ‘All time favourite‘. Now at first I though “this is going to be so easy”…the problem is I actually have lots of “All time favourites”. Simple looking through my photos means that I find/remember new favourites but I decided to settle on just a 2. The 2 that come to mind first.

  1. 20170729_152407.jpgI love this picture not because it’s a great picture but because of the memory it holds and the people in it. This was taken when Kira was about 3 or 4 months old and it was her first trip down to parents and down to the beach. She was absolutely exhausted and all she wanted was for us to stop and have a nice soggy nap on the beach. It was a super trip down and getting her introduced to the ‘Dennis Pack’ was great.
  2. 20171227_150634This is one of the few pictures where I managed to get us all in the picture. It was taken just after Christmas and we were at the top of South Cleeves in Lynton. The wind was blowing horrifically, it was freezing but I loved it. Even though Kira wouldn’t heel when we had to put her on the lead, I still remember this walk with a smile. It was the first time I really noticed how much I love going for walks and that the weather really doesn’t matter.

I know I could come up with a few more but to be honest that’s what instagram (you can follow her @kira_gsd_superpup) if for. I like taking photo’s not because I’m a good photographer but because I want to capture a moment. Photos are great for reminding you of moments and hopefully making you smile.

What are your favourite moments?

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