Bank holidays are for visiting family

I can’t ever decide if we’re lucky to have family living at opposite ends of the country or whether were unfortunate for the fact. Doesn’t really matter either way seeing as Al’s parents live in Yorkshire and mine in Devon and we’re somewhere in between. This means that like many people the start and the end of a bank holiday weekend includes several hours in a car.

This bank holiday we were headed t’up north! Yorkshire here we come. And of course Kira was in the car with us.

Now if you read my blog regularly you’ll know that Kira was spayed just over a week ago and on the Friday we were told by the vet that she needed to slowly build up over the week to her normal amount of exercise…problem is nobody told the dog. So she generally had a whale of a time being…well Kira.

She started the Saturday morning off calmly enough with a bit of stick chewing in the garden. Stick chewing is the best, obviously.img_20180526_091835.jpg

Then she realised that she wasn’t in her normal garden, Granny Bowman’s garden is a bit larger than ours and if she ran in and out of the bushes she could make herself quite the running circuit. Then she decided a game of hide and seek was necessary, again another favourite.

This was followed by an attempt to drink from the pond fountain. Problem is Kira hasn’t quite mastered the ability to walk on water or teeter dangerously on the edge. So we had a rather shocked and very wet and smelly german shepherd. Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to catch the action shot on camera on the aftermath.


At this point Kira decided she need to try again to talk to the locals. A pair of guinea pigs called Vinnie and Jon.

Kira worked out that if she squeaked the ball, Vinnie would charge out and squeak back at her. Going to be honest, we found it very amusing. However, from a training point of view, do not encourage dog and guinea pig interactions and the dog will become obsessed!

The whole weekend was finished off with a really lovely walk through the fields on Sunday. Where Kira had a lovely time trying to make friends with the cows. They weren’t as responsive as the guinea pigs.dav

Hope you’re bank holiday was as filled with family and laughter as ours was.

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