What to do with Poo?

A couple of weeks ago my partner and I started discussing alternatives to disposing of all the waste Kira produces. When you buy a dog you don’t think about how much poo one dog can produce…it’s a lot.

Anyway, currently we have been bagging and throwing it away. If we’re out on a walk we take our biodegradable bags with us and pop it into the dog poo bins you occassionally see. If those aren’t available I drive it home with me (this has happened a couple of times and I would rather not repeat these experiences but poo bins seem to be a bit hit and miss at popular dog walking locations).

However, at home we haven’t been so environmentally friendly. We bag it up in normal rubbish bags and put it in our house hold waste bin and forget about it….except we can’t! With bins only being collected fortnightly it smells! Hence the conversation coming up, cue google search time!

There are several articles out there which give you the options for you dog waste disposal. I looked into the doggy toilet but decided I didn’t really want to be digging big holes in the garden to one in or want to be continuing my bad eco-friendlyness by using chemical ones so that left me with flushable poo bags or a dog poo wormery. My partner was apparently not going to be flushing Kira’s poo down the loo so that was that option out.

So I ordered a pet poo wormery. Originally I ordered one from Original Organics but after waiting nearly 3 weeks and 2 failed ordered I gave up and got a refund. So sadly I’m still wormless :(. But today, I tried again and I have ordered another one from WormCity. Hopefully I should have our new dog waste wormery all set up and ready for the weekend. I’ll let you know how it goes!


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