To Spay or Not to Spay?

When we first got Kira back in July we really weren’t sure if we would get her spayed.20170630_182833.jpg

I mean she was so sweet and cute and fluffy who wouldn’t want to fill the world with more of her? However, we did know that realisically we only had a very small window in which it would be viable for us to allow Kira to breed. Being a teacher I can’t take time off to look after a litter of puppies when I want, they have to coincide with the summer holidays, so her season had to fall ideally at the end of April/beginning of May.

Anyway we’d been advised by our breeder that it really was best for her to have her first season before she was spayed to allow for her to develop more naturally, so the question of whether to get her spayed or not was really a moot point before that point. German Shepherds tend to have their first season between 9 months old and 18 months old (the smaller the breed the earlier it comes, the larger the breed the later it can come).

IMG-20180108-WA0001So on New Years Eve we were not expecting our 8 month old puppy to start her first season but she did and we dealt with it as expect. Our house become covered in towels and blankets that we could easily wash and Kira was walked early and late, always on a lead. Honestly, it wasn’t as bad as I feared it might be but I’d hate to do it in the summer…which was when we expected Kira to have a 2nd season.

Now, after this first season I started to a little bit more research into the reasons to and against getting your dog spayed. To be honest, there wasn’t a clear cut argument for when was best to get it done but most agreed that eventually it was best to get them spayed if you weren’t going to have puppies…or even after you’ve finished having the puppies.

Our vet said we should have got her done before she was 6 months old but seeing as we asked her post her first season we didn’t really count it. I had also read a lot previously which said that this was an old way of doing things and the latest research suggested that you should spay later but not too late.

So that’s what we did, after Kira’s 1st birthday we booked Kira in to be spayed. It’s all gone well and Kira is back home. Fortunately she’s not been forced to rock the cone of shame but she’s not too impressed with the alternative baby grow option.

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