Weekend Walkies – Dockey Wood, Ashridge

Weekends are for walkies, and the best walks are those where you’re not entirely sure where you’re going but you have a dog so who cares! We’re really lucky with where we live as we have an ever growing number of walks we can choose between and it’ll take us years to cover all of them.

sdrToday, the weather was wet and overcast and if we’re being honest if it wasn’t for Kira I would have stayed on the sofa all day in my pjs with my laptop watching TV.

Fortunately, we do have Kira so we got up, put on our waterproof trousers and my trusty Jack Wolfskin walking boots and set off for an adventure.

For today’s walk we head to Ashridge, to the car park next to the bluebells at Dockey wood. We took the path lead away from the bluebells that everyone aims for and just followed the paths we wanted.

The best thing about just taking paths as you fancy them is that you find some lovely areas and you often don’t see too many people which is nice, though Kira would love to go and say hello to every single one she sees in the distance.

While on our walk today we found yet another beautiful patch of bluebells. These had obviously been enjoyed by the local deer so were extra interesting for Kira.


Stopping to smell the flowers

We also found a beautiful field of flowers after we followed a path through the woods down into the valley.IMG_20180512_155400.jpg

I can’t wait to go back there later on in the year in the hope that it’s full of wild flowers and maybe it’ll be a good spot for a picnic in the sunshine.

Where have you been walking this weekend? Share you’re Weekend Walkies.

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