Photo challenge: Place in the world

This weeks photo challenge is an interesting one: “Where’s your safe space? Where do you go when you need to feel inspired or cheered up?” because for me that isn’t a particular place but more of an activity with the right people and a beautiful background definitely helps.

Taking Kira out for a walk (normally with Al) always makes me; feel safe, feel happy, cheers me up on a bad day. Doesn’t matter if it’s down on the coast, along the canal, in the snow or a sunset. For me home really isn’t a set place or a particular location but it’s the feeling I get being surrounded by the people/pets I love and who love me back.IMG-20180401-WA0010

So here are some of my favourite “places” in the world!


Sitting reading in the garden


Dog walks around home (Tring Park)


Dog walks in the snow


Dog walks down in Lynton, Devon


Dog walks around Denby Dale, Yorkshire


Sunset dog walks


Dog walks on the beach

Where do you feel safe? Feel inspire? Feel at home? Feel happy?


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