Down among the bluebells

I love this time of year. The trees are blossoming, the weather is (in theory) get warmer, our walks are (again in theory) getting less muddy and best of all the flowers are coming out. One of my favourite things to go and see are the bluebells.20180502_184132

And this year I finally have a dog to go and walk through the bluebells with. 20180427_184650_017.jpg

We’ve been on a couple of walks and the best bluebells are in Ashridge. We could take a walk through Dockey wood like everyone else but then Kira can’t have fun as she has to stay on a short lead and it’s also full of people! Where is the fun in that?

Today we parked a little way up from Dockey wood and just chose a path to follow. 20180502_184148_004This is one of my favourite ways to go for a walk. I don’t have a plan or a destination merely a starting place (sometimes not even that) and an eager puppy to go exploring with. We found a beautiful area full of bluebells and had a lovely walk…until we realised we had no idea where we were. Half hour later or so we realised we’d done a bit loop…in the wrong direction and were back at the end of the bluebells where we thought we’d started heading back from. Never mind, we made it back eventually and we had a great time.

Without a dog I don’t think I’d of stopped where I did, had the walk that I had (an extra 7,000 odd steps) and I would definitely have been more unsettled when I wasn’t sure where I was. Having Kira gives me the freedom to be more adventures, to be more carefree and enjoy the little things more.

Have you stumbled upon any lovely surprises when out on a walk?

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