7 days of happiness

Recently I’ve been reading lots of blogs about focusing on your happiness rather than focusing on the negatives and also lots on why dogs make life better (Some things don’t changed) and (Best Therapist) It made me thinking about if I could identify 1 thing each day this week about Kira that made my life a little brighter.

Monday: watching Kira roll around on the slope in our garden playing with a new rope toy.

Tuesday: coming home to Kira and being silly running around the house playing chase

Wednesday: walking through the bluebells with Kira in Ashridge after work


Thursday: watching the great tits in the garden gathering piles of Kira’s fur for their nest

Friday: coming to home to Kira and knowing that no matter what she is always excited to see me


I didn’t take this on returning home, I got her to sit after giving her lots of love.

Saturday: dancing around the sitting room with Kira using a tug tug so that she joins in

Sunday: having Kira during the recall exercise at training. Even though she was awful at recall the stay was a massive achievement for us and I’m going to focus on that

Some of these are really small things but the small things add up. Some days I could have chosen several. Some days I had to think really hard but there is always something good to find. No day is all bad you just have to let the good shine brighter.

What does your seven days of happy look like?

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