Sit, Stay…No stay!

Kira’s life on social media started with her dogstagram account @kira_gsd_superpup. Personally, I think she’s beautiful and who wouldn’t want to look at pictures of her all the time! But I was aware that perhaps not everyone felt the same way, so to save my friendships on facebook so I started her dogstagram.

However, I am not a photographer and I’m definitely not used to trying to photograph a moving dog. Most of my photos are taken using my phone until recently that was a Samsung 6 but I have recently upgraded to an Honor lite 6 so here’s hoping there becoming slightly better.

Unfortunately, Kira gets bored of “photo time” very quick. I’m sure like many of you instagrammers out there that you hope all your pictures look like this.IMG_20180419_192831.jpg

But I’m going to be honest 9 times out of ten my photos look more like this.

Don’t even get me started on trying to get the dog and the boyfriend in the same photo!

How do you get your models to stay still and posed for your photos?

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