Work vs Dog Care

So over the holidays we were informed by our current dog walker that she would no longer be able to keep seeing Kira as she was making her area smaller due to an increase in customer and visiting Kira was no longer viable. We were devastated.

Our current dog walker (Tania – Chiltern Walkies) is superb. She loves Kira, and Kira loves her. She always lets us know when she arrives, when shes left, if Kira ate etc as well as sending pictures from their walk.

Unfortunately she is not the first dog walker we used. We found Tania after we worked out that the dog walker we were using probably wasn’t turning up, she definitely wasn’t taking Kira for a walk and her communication was no existent. Coming home to find Kira had been really unwell and messaging the dog walker to be told that she was really good and had eaten etc was just horrid.

So we started our search for a new dog walker and invested in a camera so we could keep an eye on Kira. We went for a ‘Logitech Circle’ and it’s pretty good. The view from the camera is great, we can see everything we need to. However, we don’t pay for the subscription so it doesn’t hold the images for long and occassionally it doesn’t seem to record them but overall I would definitely recommend having one.Screenshot_20180205-080459.png

Unfortunately our search for a dog walker was not as simple. We asked for some recommendations for dog walkers and met up with 3 dog walkers, one of them being Tania. The first one we tried out came with the most recommendations and yet when she turned up she only stayed for half an hour after we booked an hour with her. On asking about this she said it was due to an emergency and she was going to text later that day, so we tried her again. The second visit from her she did stay for the full hour, however, I don’t class ignoring the dog and moving towels for the last 20 minutes of the visit as good value for money or more importantly good for Kira.

So we tried the next person, again she came with lots of recommendations so we thought we’d be fine. First visit she stayed just under an hour but I let it off. Second visit it was more like 30/40 minutes and when I questioned it I was told it was due to her hip hurting due to Kira pulling on the lead (we told her that heeling was something we were still working on with Kira). Next visit same thing again and we decided to part ways. Luckily for us we thought we had found someone great in Tania but now we are on the search again.

I can’t decide if this is normal, if we’re unlucky and all the good dog walkers are fully booked or if other people don’t realise that some of their dog walkers aren’t doing their jobs properly.

What do you do with your dog when you go to work? How have you found dog walkers you’ve used?

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