It’s So Fluffy!

So it’s finally started to get warmer but with this lovely change of weather comes a little bit of a fluff problem. Kira is moulting…a lot. I mean we normally vacuum the carpets once, twice a week but we are currently vacuuming daily…if not twice daily it’s ridiculous.


With one brush we are taking out a small mountain of fur. Now, that would be fine if once we’d finished brushing the fluff stopped coming but no it doesn’t. She has a scratch, fur goes flying and her paw has a new fluff slipper on it. She brushes past you, your black leggings are no longer black but white fur lined on the outside. She gets up from a nap and there is a dog fur crime scene style doggy outline on the carpet.

On the plus side to all this moulting in Spring we are being eco-friendly with out puppy

fluff mountain and we’ve put it in the garden for the birds to use in their nests. There is definietly something amazing about watching a great tit sort through the pile of fluff to collect what he wants for the nest and fly off with a beak full of Kira fluff.




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