Holidays with Dog

Since getting Kira 9 months ago we’ve taken her “on holiday” three times; once just us and twice with my partners family. Now pre-Kira this was a common occurrence and I can’t imagine that will change hence already having been away twice and with one already in the planning. But taking a dog away with you changes things; what you need in your accommodation and what you can do while your away.

Accommodation: This is the first obvious change. We have to go dog-friendly, no choice about it. If it’s not dog-friendly Kira can’t come it’s as simple as that. Not a huge number of places are dog friendly though this depends on location and with more and more people taking their dogs away with them it can limit your choices if you don’t book early. However, there are definitely some things that help make certain properties more dog friendly than others.

Being secure. On our first trip away with Kira we were really lucky when I think about it. We left it late and had very few places to choose from but ended up in a lovely cottage at Old Mill Cottages ( It had a cute little balcony that looked out over the fields and the brook that ran behind the house. Kira was allowed out of the balcony and around the house with no concerns that she could get somewhere she wasn’t allowed.


Old Mill Cottages – Kira enjoying her view from the balcony

Flexibility. On our latest trip away we read in the little booklet that at no point was she to be left alone in the cottage. I was quite surprised by this but on looking on the internet found that this was advice being given out to potential dog friendly cottage owners. I don’t know about you but I rarely take Kira everywhere with me and as we found out when we visited Hexham some places are simply not dog-friendly so it’s not viable to never leave the dog alone, so it’s worth reading any fine print to check whether the rules fit what you think is achievable on your trip. However, I can fully understanding having dog-no-go areas. I personally don’t let Kira upstairs at home so I can understand rental owners doing the same. However, it is fun when we get the break the rules a little bit.


Kira “Mummy, can I come on the bed too?”

Activities. Now this is the one I hadn’t really considered but we can’t do the same things we used to do when we holiday sans dog. Personally I changed my holiday expectations and what I hoped to do. Mainly, my holidays are going to be more walk focused. The problem is not everyone you go with has had the same change in ideas and when your considering plans which involve more people then it becomes harder. We now need to consider when we’re walking Kira and how long we’re away from her and also whether she’s going to get bored. Walks around towns etc are not the most interesting place if you’re a dog and traveling to different castles and abbeys by car aren’t a good way to spend the day. Planning is harder when you have a dog but it can make the adventures you have more fun.

Exploring Hermitage Castle

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