We’re all going on a … doggy holiday

One of the reason I was looking forward to having a dog was being able to take her with us on trips away. What I hadn’t considered was the packing she would require.

I hate packing at the best of times and I inverably forget something; toothbrush, pants you know normal every day things. This has not be rectified with the introduction of another life to pack for.

So far, each time we’ve gone away or returned home I’ve forgotten something; a toy, her treat bag or on this particular occasion her short lead. I worried so much about making sure that I didn’t forget something I’ve forgotten previously that I ended up forgetting a fairly essential part of taking Kira…anywhere. Fortunately, or ridiculously, this is not the first time as we previously left a short lead at her grandpawrents so we were able to pick it up on our stop over through.

I fear that one day I will eventually remember everything…but will forget the dog!

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