The Stables, Triley Court Cottages, Abergavenny

Last weekend we stayed at The Stables which is one of the lovely little cottages that makes up Triley Court Cottages in Abergavenny. It’s based just outside Abergavenny in a tiny part called Pantygelli. I contacted Lyn directly via email which I found on their website which meant I got a discount from the prices available on the websites I was looking at. There was a small charge for taking Kira with us but overall it wasn’t too pricey (around £250 for 2 nights). We followed some really clear instructions for finding the cottage and even though it was dark got there without any fuss.

The cottage itself was small but perfectly formed and suited 2 adults and a dog. We arrived to find it warm and inviting with fresh flowers, a card and some really yummy welsh cakes. The only downside on arrival was that the bedroom door had been kept cold without the heater on so it was freezing but we quickly changed that when we got there. The kitchen was well equipped with everything we needed, including a range of Tupperware which we’d forgotten about to take some dog food for Kira in when we went on our hike.

After our hike I recognised the benefits of having a downstairs walk-in shower as 20180317_155957cleaning Kira was really simple. I was very glad to be using warm water to clean her rather than standing out in the snow attempting to use a hose like we do home. At first, Kira has found it quite difficult to settle, probably because of all the unfamiliar smells, but after our walk I think she thoroughly enjoyed the underfloor heating that warmed her bed up nicely. She literally didn’t move for the rest of the night.

If you’re looking for a lovely little cottage with some beautiful walks within walking distance we can really recommend ‘The Stables’ at Triley Court Cottages, it’s got everything you could ask for in a home away from home.

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