Girl’s Best Friend

So I had a really bad end to my day at work today and it’s days like this that I’m even more thankful for Kira. People say that having a dog raises your mood and is good for your wellbeing and it definitely true.

Have you ever tried to stay down while a 10 month old puppy is sat in front of you wanting to play? It’s hard and she’s the best stress relief ever. 5 minutes throwing a ball or playing with her tug tug makes me feel so much better than having a chat with a friend or a G&T.

Kira has such a joy for everything and even if she has a bad moment (getting caught on the sofa definitely ranks up there) she’s still up for a cuddle or play or most definitely a walk. So at the end of the day I think it’s important to remember a couple of things:

  1. Approach life like a dog: Think everything is an exciting experience and don’t let the bad things get you down. Everything opportunity is a stick you found on a walk and anything is worth chasing after if you want it enough.
  2. The dog will always love you: They don’t care if you had a bad day, if you spilt tea down your shirt or if you forgot to brush your hair this morning (definitely happened). All they care about is that you’re there and that you want to play. So don’t sit down and over analyse, go out and play. Even if you don’t have a dog go out and do something that makes you smile, everything seems brighter afterwards. It wont fix it but it might help you see it differently.


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