My First Hike

This weekend we took Kira on her first hike…and ours. I haven’t been to Wales much so decided we’d visit the Brecon Beacons. Honestly, I didn’t look at what walks were in the area or anything sensible like that, simply found somewhere I’d like to stay and then looked for where we could walk afterwards. Probably not the best plan but it worked out this time.

We ended up near Abergavenny and decided to walk up Sugar Loaf mountain. It was really good fun. If you looked in the walks book we chose walk number 11 but we kind of did it backwards with a couple of extra detours thrown in. Walk started out nicely we pretty much walked up hill through fields and paths till we reached the bottom of the main climb at which point it became quite windy. Kira thought running through the snow was excellent fun and luckily for us the sheep, cows and horses didn’t cross our paths so she was able to run around like a lunatic off lead.

Once we got to the top it was stupidly windy and kira was not impressed still managed to snap at least one good photo of her sitting at the top. The walk back down was much simpler as we chose to go down the less steep side however, that was when we found out that we’d walked the route backwards hense we were on the wrong side. First detour.

We cut back across till we got back the starr of the main climb and the gestimated the route to join back where we were meant to be until, surprisingly, we found the route again. The route back, which should have been our route up, was much longer and I think the added detour really started to tire Kira. Not that that stopped her trying to drag a variety of giant sticks with her whine for help because they were too heavy.

All in all by the time we finished our 5.2 mile hike became a 10 mile hike and we were all tired but, and here’s the important bit, happy with our semisuccessful first hike. People say having a dog makes you walk more and I honestly don’t think we’d have walked to the summit of Sugar Loaf without Kira her. Its well worth it, even with wind and clouds and snow the views were superb but with the occassional peak of the sun it was even better.

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